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Largest Employer in The Region

American Rock Salt is proud to be the largest private employer in Livingston County with over 400 current employees. 

Competitive Compensation

At American Rock Salt we offer competitive compensation and great benefits to every one of our employees. 

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The American Rock Salt Company takes pride on maintaining high standards of safety for its staff and the surrounding community.

Mined with Pride in the USA

Mined with pride right here in the United States. Our Rock Salt meets all requirements for federally funded, state DOT projects.

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American Rock Salt welcomes your inquiry for employment. Please take a look at our open career positions and apply now. 

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Bagging Building - Retsof NY Hampton Corners Mine - Groveland NY
The extraction process begins with undercutting the mine walls level with the floor. A self-propelled undercutter carves a massive channel at the base of the deposit and across the entire room. This channel allows for a more efficient explosive blast and also helps create a smooth mine floor.
Once the mine wall is undercut a special drilling machine bores small holes into the face of the salt. Then miners will prime these holes with explosive materials and prepare to start blasting.
Miners ignite the explosives, creating a blast that dislodges 800 to 900 tons of rock salt in less than three seconds. The depth of the mine and cushion of the overburden absorbs the blast vibrations, preventing any surface damage to immediate and surrounding areas.
Huge front-end loaders transport the blasted rock salt to the primary crusher. Loaders dump their loads of salt into a powerful spinning crusher, where large pieces are quickly crushed and screened down to small pieces. The salt is then transported to the hoisting shaft where skip hoists bring the loads to the surface in a matter of seconds.
Upon reaching the surface, the salt is stored here at the mine in our huge stockpile where it is loaded and sent out to customers by rail car or by truck.
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